Hair fall resisstance’s product brand “Nawattra”

develop from Nareasuan universtiry research from Thai herb name “Makamek’s herb” (Curcuma aeruginosa Roxb.) for hair loss people


Nawattra’s product including shampoo , conditioner and hair tonic

all product have active ingredients from Makamek’s herb extract non dangerous chemical and non residue on head

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Active Ingredients

resercher team from Naresuan University has develop recipe and extract methods from Mahamek’s herb to natural active substance “Germacrone”

has properties anti sexual hormones cause to hair fall from genetic

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Nawattra’s product develop from Naresuan University research

has research budget support from govornment

such as The Thailand Research Fund (TRF) , The Royal Golden Jubilee (RGJ)

and research with hair fall’s patient in 3 Govornment’s hospital

with PhD research made product has won international research reward from France and Japan make Thai research to be pround

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