The origin and significance

One of the most about hair loss condition can be found hair loss from androgenic orrogenic alopecia ,which is found in both male and female .
The research team from Naresuan University has invented and developed the formula of Thai herbal extracts, Curcuma aeruginosa Roxb. (anti-androgen) with a patent-pending extraction method Get natural substances sesquiterpenes By controlling the quality of the main extract that The most important action is “Germacrone”, which has anti-sex hormones that cause hair loss.

Sciencetific Name : Curcuma aeruginosa Roxb
class :          Zingiberaceae
Active Ingredients :   Germacrone

Wanamahamek is classified as a plant in the ginger family, turmeric. The head of Wanamahamek Are white, blue, yellow, sometimes called “black turmeric”. Villagers often consume Until it was the source of further development Top of local plants to research and find important substances Make research Of Thailand about Wanamahamek for hair loss and freckles inhibition The regeneration of the hair that is the patent of the Thai people is referenced in the research and international journals of the Thai plants.

Wan Maha Mek Extraction

The process of extracting Wan Mahamek  

In order to obtain the main active ingredient according to the research,

with the unique technology that submits the patent and the petty patent is the first,

we extract the new substance every time in each production lot.

And have carefully controlled physical examination every step before entering the actual production process

Wan Maha Mek Extraction

The research team must do an analysis to verify that Wan Mahamek extract from the  was obtained.

There is a significant amount of germacrone substances according to the research standards. By means of using HPLC  Process for analysis

can anti-hair loss effect from genetic or hair loss from testosterone or DHT

Which is the most common type Found in both male and female

The main substances Germacrone will help inhibit the enzyme 5 Alpha Redditase. (5α-reductase)

Causing the reduction of the hormone DHT which is a major cause of shrinking hair roots Thin hair and bald scalp

And helps to stimulate the growth of new hair growth