Q: Does the company do OEM?2020-09-16T15:48:30+07:00

A: I’m so sorry. The company is not accepting OEM because the product has the copyright, technology, patent and petty patent from the university. But if you want to buy the product You can contact the official line directly. Thank you very much.

Q: at the moment I am taking DHT hormone modifying herbal medicine and can it be used with this product?2020-09-16T16:55:33+07:00

A: It can be used together. It is a complementary action because Wan Mahamek has an enzyme inhibition of 5 alpha reductase that will convert sex hormones into DHT hormones.

Q: I lost a lot of hair after taking diabetes pills for 3 consecutive months.2020-09-16T16:57:14+07:00

A: University research on hair loss caused by hormones. And heredity And Wan Mahamek has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects on the scalp as well. Which is another factor that causes hair loss Most diabetic drugs did not cause hair loss. Except for dieting together with the lack of certain nutrients can cause hair loss. However, most of the time, hair loss is caused by hormones, a cause that we did not know before and can show up right now. Customers can try it out and see if the hair loss is reduced or not. According to the research framework, we do it at 6 months.

Shampoo and conditioner Will help maintain hair strength Reduce hair loss Hairtonics help in stimulating the hair to grow new hair.

Q: Does drinking tea cause hair loss?2020-09-16T16:59:35+07:00

A: Eating tea has no effect on hair loss. Except if the person who drinks iron at risk of iron deficiency and drinks tea with iron-containing food As such, the tea will inhibit iron absorption, making it possible for iron deficiency. Causing hair loss from malnutrition

Q: Does dyeing your hair frequently cause hair loss?2020-09-16T17:00:46+07:00

A: Hair dyes contain bleaching chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide and some brands of mixtures. Paraphenydiamine (P-Phenylenediamine, PPD) and Paratollluene Dimine (P-Touenediamine, PTD) In which all the substances mentioned above It is a substance that can cause allergies, irritation and residues easily on the scalp. Noticed from the time the hair dye is finished Often there is a chemical smell on the scalp and the cloth to set up for another 1-2 days, which if you have used it regularly. It may cause the hair roots to become weak And hair fall off easily For those who dye their hair, it is necessary to keep the scalp healthy. Reducing the residue of chemicals is an important component too.

Q: Is it valid for Westerners? Because the research is done in Asian people … and people who have to wear damp turban hats all the time. Will I see results?2020-09-16T17:02:12+07:00

A: There are two issues.

  • First, the hormone 5 alpha reductase, which targets the pharmacological action of the inhibitor. It will be the same all over the world. Not discriminating against racial and gender, otherwise finasteride, an oral hair loss remedy that was conducted in American studies, will be effective, but the American people will not be effective in Thais. …….. So about hair loss from genetics or sex hormones can be used all over the world ……….
  • Two groups of people wearing hats must see if there is a problem with damp mold hair loss. Which is an external factor That way, a dermatologist has to diagnose and treat the fungus. At the cause …….. The internal factors such as hormones Are different parts You need to be treated as well.

The research results that saw 21% of the results were the statistical mean of the research. Therefore, the actual use may be very good, more than 21% or less than 21% because the research is calculated based on the mean and standard deviation. Bring the average value to present the actual information Therefore, in the use of the patient, the results may be slightly better or less.

Q: Why aren’t the products sold at most cosmetic stores?2020-09-16T17:03:21+07:00

A: Navatara is a product with higher research and patent costs than conventional products. And has a clear target group Availability in the market or in general cosmetic stores It will cost the cost that is almost double the higher than before. That’s the reason that cosmetics in general So add up to 200-300% of the selling price in order to be available in these channels ……. Nawatara has a policy Sold through online channels in the beginning Because it makes the product cost savings Do not add too much cost to the consumer. And is a channel that is becoming more and more popular nowadays ………. and in the next phase Will expand the product through distributors throughout Thailand Most of them are customers who already have problems with hair loss. That have used the product before Will understand the product that has a lot of research information ………. At this time, there are enough contacts asking to be a dealer. Both pharmacies and independent distributors …….. The company would like to support many Thai people to earn extra income and have a career by distributing through these distributors as well. To save more than double marketing costs in placing the product We were able to distribute it to many distributors.

Q: Why do I use it to feel my hair thinning?2020-09-16T17:04:07+07:00

A: Usually products that help regulate hair growth, some people may experience more hair loss. From the beginning, hair root cells were adjusted. Causing shedding of unhealthy hair and thin strands fall ….. In clinical research conducted by the research team Therefore, the research results were measured at 6 months and performed a laparoscopy …… Response to herbs Therefore, it will take some time and continue to see the results before seeing the results that new hair strands have started. Then will long replace the unhealthy strands that have fallen off ….. Except if there is itching and redness, the area of ​​use must be stopped.

Usually it seems to be the cycle of my life. When I grow up, it will be thin first. Therefore grow into normal hair It is possible that during the growth of the new hair is true. But there will be old hair that has completely fallen off as well, so it is clearly seen as the first hair loss. It should be continued to increase the number of new hair, the telogen phase hair has fallen before and the anagen hair will be replaced.

Q: Why did I use it and my hair still fell?2020-09-16T17:05:03+07:00

A: The occurrence of hair loss has many factors which affect other than hormones. Both stress Exposure to thyroid pollution, including certain immune disorders, staying up late and vitamin deficiency. According to the research framework, it was recommended to use a combined hair tonic for 6 months and then measured the results according to the research framework.

In addition, the product is specially researched for people with hair loss problems, which is a residue-free formula. And dangerous chemicals Does not hurt the scalp Therefore suitable for long term use

Q: Is it enough to just use shampoo and hairtonics?2020-09-16T17:06:32+07:00

A: If you have a problem with mid to moderate hair loss. I would recommend a hair conditioner for periodic maintenance. Can be used to nourish the hair 2-3 times a week …… because of the scalp and scalp conditions that are oily or dry. It contributes to the weakening of the hair roots and is easy to fall from the touch as well. Especially when sleeping over your hair, washing your hair, spreading your hair or combing your hair.

Q: how are allergy symptoms noticed?2020-09-16T17:07:25+07:00

A: If it’s allergic Often from the beginning There may be an itchy head and a red rash. Some people may compound the hair loss as well.
If this is the case Should stop using and wait and see if symptoms improve or not. If you stop using it But allergic reactions persist. There may be other factors. Therefore should see a doctor for further advice

Q: Are women can use?2020-09-16T17:08:25+07:00

A: Yes, more than 40% of women suffer from Androgenic alopecia or DHT hair loss as well, but the thinning pattern is different from that of men. But the mechanism is caused by the same cause

Q: If my hair starts to grow How to have signal?2020-09-16T17:11:55+07:00

A: After using it for a while, the hair begins to fall less. The root of hair is not completely dead. Will gradually recover itself Will start to be fine, soft hair Grow up to be seen It takes time for the hair to gradually grow. It depends on the condition of the problem and the response of the individual too.

Q: How long to see results ?2020-09-16T17:12:48+07:00

A: According to the research framework of Naresuan University. It takes 6 months to do research …… .. by the first month Will begin to see the development of hair that falls less ……. And the 2nd – 6th months will gradually help the growth of new hair in the area where the hair is thin. And the hair follicle cells are not completely dead …… .. The results will depend on the condition of weakness, underlying disease, skin disease and hair follicle cell problems of each person as well ……… If factors that cause hair loss. Caused by congenital disease or skin disease, patients need to be treated by a dermatologist to solve the problem at the root cause together with it ………. A 6-month research framework which found that can stimulate new hair growth. In up to 21% of patients with headaches


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