A: There are two issues.

  • First, the hormone 5 alpha reductase, which targets the pharmacological action of the inhibitor. It will be the same all over the world. Not discriminating against racial and gender, otherwise finasteride, an oral hair loss remedy that was conducted in American studies, will be effective, but the American people will not be effective in Thais. …….. So about hair loss from genetics or sex hormones can be used all over the world ……….
  • Two groups of people wearing hats must see if there is a problem with damp mold hair loss. Which is an external factor That way, a dermatologist has to diagnose and treat the fungus. At the cause …….. The internal factors such as hormones Are different parts You need to be treated as well.

The research results that saw 21% of the results were the statistical mean of the research. Therefore, the actual use may be very good, more than 21% or less than 21% because the research is calculated based on the mean and standard deviation. Bring the average value to present the actual information Therefore, in the use of the patient, the results may be slightly better or less.