A: Navatara is a product with higher research and patent costs than conventional products. And has a clear target group Availability in the market or in general cosmetic stores It will cost the cost that is almost double the higher than before. That’s the reason that cosmetics in general So add up to 200-300% of the selling price in order to be available in these channels ……. Nawatara has a policy Sold through online channels in the beginning Because it makes the product cost savings Do not add too much cost to the consumer. And is a channel that is becoming more and more popular nowadays ………. and in the next phase Will expand the product through distributors throughout Thailand Most of them are customers who already have problems with hair loss. That have used the product before Will understand the product that has a lot of research information ………. At this time, there are enough contacts asking to be a dealer. Both pharmacies and independent distributors …….. The company would like to support many Thai people to earn extra income and have a career by distributing through these distributors as well. To save more than double marketing costs in placing the product We were able to distribute it to many distributors.