A: Usually products that help regulate hair growth, some people may experience more hair loss. From the beginning, hair root cells were adjusted. Causing shedding of unhealthy hair and thin strands fall ….. In clinical research conducted by the research team Therefore, the research results were measured at 6 months and performed a laparoscopy …… Response to herbs Therefore, it will take some time and continue to see the results before seeing the results that new hair strands have started. Then will long replace the unhealthy strands that have fallen off ….. Except if there is itching and redness, the area of ​​use must be stopped.

Usually it seems to be the cycle of my life. When I grow up, it will be thin first. Therefore grow into normal hair It is possible that during the growth of the new hair is true. But there will be old hair that has completely fallen off as well, so it is clearly seen as the first hair loss. It should be continued to increase the number of new hair, the telogen phase hair has fallen before and the anagen hair will be replaced.