Did you know that our scalp has too much acidity or alkalinity (pH) can result in oily scalp problems? Or too dry The scalp is easily infected, the hair roots are weakened and the hair loss occurs. PH of hair care products Also known as pH, it is very important in Balancing the scalp And reduce the problem of hair loss as well

Normally, the pH on the scalp is more towards the  weak acid in the range of 5 – 6.5… .. The pH of the hair is at 3.67 ……… (we divide the pH into 1-14 ………. where the values 1 – 6.9 are considered acidic range. The smaller the value, the higher the acidity …….. pH 7.1-14 is considered alkaline. The larger the value, the stronger the alkalinity ……. with a pH of 7 being the neutral)

The reason that the scalp and normal hair are relatively weak acid. Because it is a natural protective mechanism To prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi on the hair and scalp as well as a weak acidic pH. Will make the hair fibers stretch and shrink as well And help close the hair scales to be well aligned To prevent foreign matter from harming your hair …… .. Therefore, we should choose hair care products that have a pH close to the pH of the natural scalp. Also known as pH Balance to have a weak acid value.

How does too acidic ihair care product affect it?

Hair care products that are too acidic May cause allergic and scalp irritation easily. Including the outer layer of hair may be damaged and shrink, unable to align as well as before, so the hair is more susceptible to being damaged by chemicals and foreign matter.

How does too alkaline hair care product affect it?

A product on the market that contains too much alkaline surfactant. This will cause the hair to lose its elasticity and frizz more than usual, and thus the pH balance is weakly acidic. Of the scalp Causing conditions contributing to the natural growth of fungi and bacteria As a result, the fungus grows easily on the scalp. This results in more dandruff and itching of the head. Weakens hair roots Hair falls out more easily.

In addition, shampoo or conditioner products that are too alkaline. Will cause the scalp to be washed off the sebum or natural fat that coats the skin of the scalp, making the scalp dry And contact with substances that cause scalp irritation more easily as well. All of these Will make me puffy and tough As a result, hair loss is easier than usual as well.

How to selection shampoo, conditioner and scalp care products ?

It is very important because it needs products that are non-irritating, have the right pH balanced, reduce hair breakage.For #Anti hair loss products, both #NAWATTRA shampoos, conditioners and hairtones control the pH to between 5 – 6.5 There is a weak acidic pH, which is the same pH as the scalp condition. Keeps the scalp healthy and hair is frizz-free. The problem of hair loss.

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